1“The pages of” – A notebook peeking project

I’ve always had a fascination with notebooks and paper. I like them as the keepers of my secrets and as platforms for my creations. One day I had the insatiable curiosity to peek the notebooks of other people, so that is how “The pages of” started.

The idea is to have a chat with creative people and explore their notebooks and their function in their lives and work.

Check it out here.


letters“Las Cartas de Emilia” – A letter project

I like letters, I like the idea of getting one, the sound of the paper when opening the envelope and I love the curiosity of its content.
One day I started  leaving letters on the streets,  and that’s how “Las cartas de Emilia” (Emilia’s letters) were born. It is not an art project and it doesn’t have a sense or a meaning.  I walk around and leave letters with things I like interest or justI want to share.Hoping that the stranger who finds them may also like them. Check it out here.