These ceramic bulls are known as “Toritos de Pucará”. They are made of clay by artisans in Peru and handpainted by me. I like to flirt with tradition by giving it my personal touch.

The Torito de Pucará is a Andean charm that protects houses from bad energy and welcomes good fortune, love and happiness. They are usually placed on the roof, but my grandmother would have it inside the house facing the door. She said it will protect and strengthen the family.

The Toritos are said to be originated from Puno, a mountainous region in the Peruvian Andes. The myth around it talks about a community that was undergoing a severe draft, one of the farmers went to the top of the Apu (sacred mountain spirit) with the intention to sacrifice a bull in exchange for water. Up in the mountain the bull became aware of his intentions and stuck his horn to the ground and made a hole with it. Instantly, water started to pour out from it. Since then the bull is consider a sacred animal that brings prosperity and fertility, while protecting the community.

The ceramic bulls are typically given as presents and most of the houses you see in southern Peru has one of the decorations on its roof.

I bought 12 toritos and decided to use them as a canvas and give them spirit personalities. This a work in progress and will be updated soon.