In 2011 Meridian, an artist-run organization in China, asked me to be part of their “Fairy Tales of the World” compilation. They put together a wonderful set of 10 picture books that contain stories from China, Hungary, Korea, Peru, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

The story:

The mountains are the backbone of Peru, the rivers are its blood, and the Amazon forest is its heart. This mysterious legend, come from the depths of the rainforest, beckons its readers to start off on an unknown path, and explore.

“Ayaymama” is a story representative of the Peruvian’s intimate connection with nature, a mother to everything that lives. Illustrator Andrea’s elegant and minimalistic visual art, reminiscent of pre-Columbian motifs, is that of a world outside of time, in which fundamental truths are as clear as the very first day.